Gallus Detox Centers

134 S Granite Street Prescott, AZ 86303

The Gallus Detox Method starts with the goal of a successful medical detoxification in a safe, medically monitored environment. The use of IV therapy is necessary in most cases for safety and to relieve painful withdrawal symptoms. IV Therapy Detox can be a critical piece of our detox treatment  in cases when we need the ability to increase, decrease or change medications on a moment’s notice to ensure you are safe and comfortable. No waiting for slow-acting oral medications to take effect! We will customize your protocol based on how you are feeling minute by minute, and you will be monitored 24/7 by a team of doctors, nurses and medical technicians. While yoga, meditation, saunas, herbs, vitamins and group therapy may be helpful in rehab and recovery, suffering through a “cold turkey” detox is not only unnecessary but can be life threatening. Treatment also includes consultation with a Licensed Addiction Counselor to discuss issues that may contribute to substance abuse along with developing a plan for continued recovery after detox.

Treatment Information

Residential Options

  • Hospital Inpatient
  • Residential Short Term (30 days or less)

Treatment Services

  • Buprenorphine Services
  • Substance Abuse

Types of Clients Accepted

  • Persons with Mental and Substance Abuse Disorders

Payment Information

Forms of Payment Accepted

  • Private Health Insurance
  • Self Payment