The Heroin Vaccine You Never Heard Of

By Brent McCluskey A potential wonder drug has seen scant media attention and even less development money. A promising heroin vaccine has been in the works for some time, and it has even shown great success in clinical trials on rats. Yet, this wonder drug has received little… Read more »

Scott Phillips: You Are What You

Twenty hours before he died of an overdose, my oldest friend was interviewed on the radio. This is his story. The late, great Scott Phillips via the author By DSM III (g.a.e.t) AKA DJ Jack Acid My first contact with Scott Phillips was at a college in Western… Read more »

Inside the Addiction Drug Pipeline

By Raphael Rosen Over the next decade, new treatments are likely to include “cocktails” of two or three old drugs and possibly a treatment vaccine. Why is the drug pipeline for this major public health problem stuck at a trickle? Recovery from substance abuse can sometimes seem like an… Read more »

An Addict’s Dilemma: AA or NA?

My five years as a junkie was a mass of contradictions. Today, over a year clean, life can still be that way. I remember sitting on the Green Line heading west from downtown. I’d melt as soon as I sat down in the plastic seat with gang signs… Read more »