On The Road to a New Life

In less than a week I’m hitting the road and making a new start. Feeling sufficiently clean if not always serene, I know the time has come to make a change. For the past three years, I’ve been living in a rural mountain town, about an inch from… Read more »

Shock Treatment in Prison

If shock camp is our best hope for reforming incarcerated addicts, then New York State has a big problem. I cannot speak for everyone. Perhaps, there are a few people who have benefited from the program (although I doubt it). All I can speak for is my own… Read more »

New Treatment Drug Decreases Desire for Meth

A study conducted by UCLA researchers found that naltrexone, a drug used to treat alcoholism and opioid addiction, may also be effective in helping meth users shake their desire for the notoriously addictive stimulant. The randomized double-blind experiment involved two groups consisting of 30 methamphetamine users who were… Read more »

DBT in the Treatment of Addiction

What is addiction? There are many definitions, but one of the most basic features of any addiction is that there is a compulsive repetition of behaviors that are known to be harmful—no matter how good they feel initially—but are chronically engaged in nonetheless. The tools for harming oneself might… Read more »

On The Role of Peers in Addiction Recovery

As the treatment of addiction moves inexorably toward inclusion in the larger healthcare system, with its standards of evidence-based care, there is also a movement towards the use of peer counselors with “lived experience” with addiction. Are peer counselors able to connect with and help persons struggling with… Read more »