12 Concepts of Recovery That Have Stood the Test of Time

1. Purpose. I emphasize natural recovery from addiction. In particular, I talked about quizzing a large audience of participants at the International Cannabis Business Conference about their smoking histories. From one half to two-thirds of the group who had ever smoked had quit, virtually none had quit a smoking addiction… Read more »

One Pill or Twelve Steps?

People have strong feelings about Alcoholics Anonymous—it’s that program we love or hate, it’s everything or it’s nothing. A recentAtlantic article that lauded the drugnaltrexone while denigrating 12-step recovery is part of the growing firestorm of anti-Alcoholics Anonymousism. Naltrexone was developed 20 years ago to treat drug addiction because of… Read more »

10 Reasons To Stay Sober

As of one week ago, I am officially in my last month as an undergrad, which means an insane amount of final homework and papers. I now have post-graduation plans, which include moving back in with my parents and commuting an hour to and from a job every… Read more »