Recent Recovery News in Prescott

Hope Fest: Prescott-grown community outreach event

Although known largely as a faith-based and recovery-oriented event, Hope Fest actually is that and “so much more,” says the event’s co-founder Jaye Lene Long. The fifth annual Hope Fest will take to the Yavapai County Courthouse Plaza this weekend, and Long says it will bring together as many as 300 organizations. Illustrating the variety:… Read more »

Prescott resident finds road to recovery after stroke through local rehab hospital

Sixty-nine-year-old Tom Liaboe of Prescott was watching television this past winter when he stood up and unexpectedly fell. His wife, Carol, heard the noise and ran upstairs to find Tom on the floor. He was barely able to move his right side, part of his face was drooping, and he was having trouble speaking. Tom… Read more »

Recent Recovery News

Four 12-Step Clichés That Actually Work In Practice

When I first walked into the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, I was so annoyed by the clichés and pithy little sayings that were spouted at me by old-timers. It was even more bothersome when those same clichés hung from the walls of the church basements and Alano clubs where the meetings took place, mocking me… Read more »

Phil Anselmo, Former Pantera Frontman, Talks Struggles With Addiction, Sobriety

Formed by the late guitarist, “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott, and his drummer brother, Vinnie Paul, Pantera was one of the biggest metal bands of the nineties, with a brutal, uncompromising sound that gained a loyal fan following worldwide. Yet, going into the new millennium, the band had a bad break-up with their notorious lead singer, Phil… Read more »